Emma Leonard is an Australian actor, writer producer and filmmaker.

Emma's notable early film work includes the short documentary Syphilis and You which she directed and starred in and which received excellent reviews and an A+ in year 10 PE. She also starred in a Spice Girls tribute video which was deemed "irrelevant" by some critics and received a B-.


However, it was these projects that paved the way for a career in theatre, film and Television. After studying acting at the Ensemble studios and film at Metro Screen,  Emma has appeared in many popular Australian series such as UnderbellyAll Saints and Home and Away as well as the less popular series including an Aussie/Chinese co production Wait for Me in Sydney which is not on Netflix (but Emma has all 20 eps on DVD without subtitles if you wish to borrow).

As of 2015, Emma has been is gracing TV screens across Australia and New Zealand as school teacher Tracey in Channel Seven's no. 1 drama 800 Words.

Emma has written, produced and directed several short films that have screened in festivals around the word, sometimes receiving prizes in either cash or loud applause.


In 2012 Emma co-produced and starred in the web series Bougie where she formed a creative partnership with Vindin, who introduced her to Pickering and the rest was history.




Claudia Pickering uses her many creative activities to confound people into not fully ever knowing where she’s going with her life. This behaviour dates back to her ability to easily wag class in year-six as her teacher thought she was so busy with extracurricular classes. She spent most of this time chilling in the paper recycling bins out the back of the school.


That said, Pickering’s comedy filmmaking career has garnered much attention, something which she has been in the business of garnering from a young age.


Her mum, Mrs. Pickering, will tell you international film festivals have showered her daughters two comedy feature films, Winning Formula (Writer, Producer, Lead Actor) and Frisky (Director, Writer, Producer, Lead Actor, Pyrotechnics, Animator, Shoe Shiner, Animal Wrangler) in Official Selections, including the Chicago Comedy Film Festival, New York Film Week, Atlanta Underground (Best Comedy Feature), Broad Humour Los Angeles (Best Feature), Austin Revolution (Director’s Choice - Best Feature Film and Female Filmmaker of the Year)...


Look, we, could go on, what we’re trying to say was that there’s s**tloads of festivals who were really jazzed on the films. Which is a nice change from when Pickering used to steal stickers from her first-grade teacher and display them on her collar as though she had been legitimately awarded them.

Frisky has since been released in the States (Gravitas) and Australia (Madman) and has gone on to be optioned by Jungle as a TV show. So there's that.


Pickering studied comedy improvisation at Upright Citizen’s Brigade in Los Angeles as well as at BATS and Leela in San Francisco, acting at NIDA in Sydney and NYFA in Los Angeles; She also studied screenwriting intensively at New York University. So she’s got a bachelor’s degree in Bulls**t Artistry…an education which helped her to win Tropfest Tropvine with a stop-motion animation of a giraffe telling a dad joke. It also helped her get her masters degree in Architecture which she no longer uses.







Prudence Vindin is a Comedy Writer and Actor. She has been doing impersonations since pre-school. Her teacher Denise was mean to everyone so Vindin would mimic her every move when Denise turned her back to the class. All the kids thought it was super funny. Perhaps we should have changed Denise's name? Whatever.  


If you're in Vindin's immediate family you will definitely be aware of her work. She studied sketch comedy, writing and improv at the prestigious LA school, The Groundlings. She has created several sketches and shorts including her characters in Eastern Suburbs Mums, Bougie and Ace, gaining media acclaim and invitations to international festivals such as Portland Film Festival and New York Independent Film Festival.


Vindin has also played a lead role in award winning feature film, filmed in LA; Winning Formula. One of her favourite roles was Gina Rinehart in a series of clips in which wore a fat suit and 10kg of prosthetics made by the Academy Award winning Odd Studio.


Vindin enjoys dropping in on strangers' book clubs, swimming slowly in the fast lane of public pools and spending time with her dog Molly.